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12 Volt Outdoor Lighting

Techmar has been specialising in 12 Volt outdoor lighting concepts since 2003. We develop all our products in-house and sell them all over the world to garden centers, DIY, wholesalers, online retail and distributors. Β 

Our Brands

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Leading lighting supplier for 12 Volt outdoor lighting

Innovation, quality and professionalism are the three core values ​​that prevail at Techmar. Because we have been operating in this sector since 2002 and have acquired years of experience, we guarantee that our products meet these core values. 12 Volt outdoor lighting is our passion and we would like to show you that.

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Our brands

12 Volt outdoor lighting for every market

The brands Garden Lights and Smooz are focused on consumers and they are for sale in garden centers, D.I.Y. shops and online retail channels. For the professional sector, mainly gardeners, we offer Lightpro. In 2019 Techmar introduced the innovative privat label Ludeco for the large D.I.Y. shops.


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